‘The Conjuring 3’ Should Be Set In 1980s, James Wan Says

The Conjuring 2” hit theaters on June 10 and it appears that director James Wan already has a story idea for the third sequel. The first installment of the supernatural horror film franchise was released on July 19, 2013.

“They do have a lot of stories,” Wan told IGN referring to real-life paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, who are played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the films. “So I think, organically, if we’re lucky enough to tell future chapters, there’s a lot of stuff we could be pulling from.”

Wan admitted that he has a particular case in mind for future installments but he refused to give details. However, he said “The Conjuring 3” should be set in the 1980s as the first two installments are both set in the 1970s.

The Conjuring 2” was written by Rachel Hyland, David Leslie Johnson, Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes. It has earned more than $188 million across the globe.

On Sept. 21, 2015, principal photography for “The Conjuring 2” started in Los Angeles, California. In a recent interview with Telegraph, Farmiga explained that there is a whole process that takes place after they wrap, which she said is where Wan makes his mark as a filmmaker.
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‘Bates Motel’ updates: Freddie Highmore to write more episodes

Bates Motel” Season 5 is currently in development. Recent updates revealed that Freddie Highmore, who plays the main character, Norman Bates, will be writing more episodes. There are also plans to introduce the character Marion Crane in the new season.

Highmore shared some details about his character in the upcoming season. He said that Norman will be very insightful and probably better than anyone. He possesses the strange ability to see through the differences of every character.

Deadline says that Vera Farmiga, who plays co-star Norma, was very impressed with how Highmore worked as an actor’s writer. Farmiga has directed before, but said that she is not confident enough to write. She continued that Highmore’s ability to take on the whole psychology of the characters is outstanding, especially that the 24-year-old actor is only a “baby.”

Showrunner Kerry Ehrin also commended the actor for having such a thorough understanding of Norman and sharing his ideas in the writers’ room. The showrunners were surprised that Highmore offered to write for the show. Showrunner Carlton Cuse revealed that he never experienced having the lead actor of a TV series spend the offseason writing for the show. Freddie is reportedly very fluent in Spanish and Arabic and also went to Cambridge, making him one of the rare actors with multiple talents.

Highmore already sold a pilot to British broadcaster Sky and also wrote another Pilot with Ehrin, proving that he has so much potential in writing and may even expand to other fields in the near future.

In other “Bates Motel” news, Cuse stated that there is a chance for Norma and Norman to escape what will presumably be their inevitable fate.

Zap2It writes that Marion Crane will most likely appear in Season 5. Crane is an integral character in the story that will affect both Norman and Norma. Some of the potential actresses who may play the character include Taissa Farmiga, Lizzy Caplan, Sara Paxton, Katharine Isabelle and Jane Levy. Ehrin also teased that Norma’s brother, Caleb, will return soon, while Norma tries to seek peace and balance.

More updates and details on “Bates Motel” are expected soon.

Source: International Business Times

Vera: Women need to fight for opportunities

Vera Farmiga says women have to fight for opportunities in Hollywood.

The ‘Conjuring 2‘ actress acknowledges that sexism in Hollywood is still rampant but insists that many women are working to change this and cites her own turn as a director for ‘Higher Ground‘ as an example.

She said: “You have to fight for that opportunity, you’re not given it. And that’s where we’re becoming ballsier.

“You create your opportunities – ‘Higher Ground‘ was an example of that. It is happening more, yes – in all aspects of production. Pay cheques as well. We’re only just learning how to operate, really. And to seize the day.”

While ‘Higher Ground‘ was critically successful, it did not do well commercially and Vera is still puzzled by this.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I don’t know exactly how it missed the zeitgeist. It should have gone across denominations, across faiths.

“But it’s very tricky to market that, because people have very extreme ideas about faith. You have to market it either way, you know.”

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old actress previously admitted it has been a while since she’s “had to audition for anything”.

She shared: “That was a time in my career when my resumé was more … minimal. It’s been a while since I’ve had to audition for anything. I always felt I wasn’t necessarily at my best at a casting director’s office, anyway.

“Also I have a particular face, depending on how you light it, and what angle you approach it from. I always wanted to take control myself.”

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (AU)

Vera on The Conjuring 2: ‘It will move your bowels’

Vera Farmiga makes being frightened frightening to watch. Viewers of James Wan’s horror smash The Conjuring, in which she and Patrick Wilson enjoyed the hit of their careers as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, have this woman’s expressive screams and facial movements to thank for half their nightmares.

Even in person, Wilson is wary of sitting too close. When we speak, Farmiga hasn’t yet seen their follow-up, The Conjuring 2, with a public audience, only at a private screening where her on-screen husband kept his distance. “Patrick chose to sit about six seats away from me,” Farmiga says, “because he knows me by now – he knows I would have jumped in his lap right the way through, even though I know the story.”

The Conjuring 2, also directed by Wan, moves beyond the first film’s American hauntings to resurrect the famous case of the Enfield Poltergeist, which freaked out two young sisters in suburban London in the late 1970s.

After a spate of unexplained disturbances, including bite-marks on one girl’s neck and chairs sliding about with a life of their own, the Warrens flew to England to document these goings-on.

Naturally, the film takes the facts of the case as just a springboard for those churning, state-of-the-art scare tactics in which Wan (Saw, Insidious) has always specialised.
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Vera Joins Liam Neeson in Thriller ‘The Commuter’

The Conjuring 2” star Vera Farmiga is coming aboard the Liam Neeson thriller “The Commuter.”

Jaume Collet-Serra is directing the film, marking the fourth collaboration between Neeson and Collet-Serra, who teamed up on last year’s “Run All Night,” 2013’s “Nonstop” and 2011’s “Unknown.”

Byron Willinger and Phil de Blasi wrote the script for Studiocanal and the Picture Company. Shooting is expected to start this summer.

The Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are producing. Collet-Serra will also serve as executive producer along with his Ombra Films partner Juan Sola.

Lionsgate bought U.S. rights for “The Commuter” and the “Our Kind of Traitor,” starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, in November at the American Film Market.

The Commuter” centers on a businessman caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home. Farmiga will play a mysterious woman who boards a commuter train and proposes an enticing opportunity to Neeson’s character.

Collet-Serra, a native of Spain, has been in post-production on Sony’s “The Shallows,” starring Blake Lively. The thriller hits theaters on June 24.

His other credits include the “House of Wax” remake in 2005 and 2009’s “Orphan,” in which Farmiga starred.

Farmiga is repped by CAA, manager Jon Rubinstein and attorney Jodi Peikoff. News was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

Source: Variety