“Boundaries” video interviews and trailer

Here is the trailer for Boundaries as well as video interviews from when Vera did press for the film!




“Boundaries” LA Premiere

Vera went to the Boundaries LA Premiere on June 19 at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Here is some photos and a video from the event!

“Boundaries” New York Screening

On June 11 Vera attended the New York Screening of Boundaries and she looked lovely as usual! Here is some photos for you to enjoy as well as some red carpet interviews,

Vera visits the SiriusXM Studios

Vera visited the SiriusXM Studios in New York City on June 11 with Shana Feste, Peter Fonda and Lewis MacDougall. Here is some photos for you to view!

Vera provides an update on “The Conjuring 3”

An update on The Conjuring 3 coming directly from Vera herself! 🙂

Vera Farmiga loves doing The Conjuring.

In fact, just the mere mention of the franchise was enough for her to proclaim just that to me.

It’s no surprise that Farmiga is so enamored with the franchise, as the first two installments have grossed a combined total of $639.9 million, which in Hollywood means that another follow-up is all but inevitable.

That’s exactly what Farmiga has been made to believe, too, because during my recent interview with the actress about her upcoming film “Boundaries” she revealed that the script for “The Conjuring 3” is currently being worked on and she is hopeful that production will begin in the very near future.

“Patrick and I certainly love working together and we love these characters that we have created. We are hoping that in the next year or two that there is number 3. I know the script has been worked on.”

She didn’t stop there, too. Because while there are “thousands and thousands of case files” from Edward and Loraine Warren’s paranormal investigations that the film could explore in the third film, Farmiga confirmed that she is currently under the impression that it has “has something to do with a werewolf.”

Vera gets interviewed by “BUILD Series”

On June 12, Vera, Lewis MacDougall, Peter Fonda and Shana Feste discussed the film, Boundaries” at the BUILD Series in New York, below is the full interview.

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