• Turned down the offer to portray Milada Horáková in Milada (2017), eventually played by Ayelet Zurer.

• Rumored to star in the Arthur Miller based film A View from the Bridge (2012) but suddenly she wasn’t attached anymore.

• Was considered for a role in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

• Turned down the role of Lynn Childers in Machine Gun Preacher (2011) as she had become pregnant with her daughter Gytta.

• Were rumored to star in Love, Scotch and Death (2011) together with Michael C. Hall but there has been no more reports around the project.

• Was said to be in negotiations to join Shirley MacLaine and Vera Farmiga in the The Locals (2011) but the project never happened.

• Was originally cast as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s W.E. (2011). She met with Madonna for tea to discuss the role, but ultimately dropped out due to her second pregnancy. Andrea Riseborough was then cast instead.

“Yes. Madonna and I had met several times. We wanted to embark on that working relationship, and then I got knocked up! My expanding waistline was not gonna cut it. But it was nice to shoot the shit with Madonna.

• Did not get the role of the cancer patient in Pride and Glory (2008), it went to an English actress named Jennifer Ehle.

• Met with Darren Aronofsky to discuss her taking a role in The Wrestler (2008). Farmiga could not envision herself coupled with Mickey Rourke and passed on the project. Marisa Tomei was eventually cast.

“I haven’t passed on anything that I… oh, yeah, but I don’t regret it. It wasn’t an offer, but I met Darren Aronofsky for The Wrestler for the Marisa Tomei role. I didn’t see the coupling of me and Mickey Rourke. It wasn’t an offer by any means, so it’s not fair to say. It was just a sit-down meeting.”

• Auditioned for Grindhouse (2007) for which she would have played a dancer and Rosario Dawson got the part.

“I think Rosario Dawson got that one.”

• Auditioned, and was closely considered, for the role of Jude Quinn in I’m Not There. (2007) but Cate Blanchett was cast instead.

“The minute I knew Cate was interested in the role, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.”

“This is what Cate Blanchett will win an Oscar for. I lost this part to her. Next time. It could be different next time.”

• Did an audition for a movie called Savages (2007) a family drama. On that audition tape, she was wearing a jeans jacket and smoking a cigarette.

“Oh, God ó Iím awful in this. Thank God I didnít get it.”

• Tried out for Casino Royale (2006) and we think she was going for the part which Eva Green got.

“Did a screen test in London for it. I loved things about the script, but I probably sabotaged myself. I just didnít feel it in my gut.”

“The character was Bond’s first love, he never really got over her, and those emotions started to interest me. And to be honest, the whole process of auditioning for that role was fascinating, like visiting some other acting stratosphere. I flew to London. They took me to a dressing room and gave me the same kind of fake breasts that Angelina Jolie wore in the first Tomb Raider film. It was kind of fun in the end, but I also knew I wouldn’t get the part.”

• Rumored to have been auditioned for Thank You for Smoking (2005) and we are guessing it was for Maria Bello’s part.

• Auditioned for the lead in Million Dollar Baby 2004 but it went to Hilary Swank instead.

• Rumored to have been auditioned for The Cooler (2003) and we are guessing it was for Maria Bello’s part.

• Was considered for a part in Bringing Out the Dead (1999) but it went to Patricia Arquette.

“Patricia Arquette ended up getting that part, but there was a real ease between us. The next thing I know Marty calls me on my cell phone about rehearsals on The Departed.”