Vera provides an update on “The Conjuring 3”

An update on The Conjuring 3 coming directly from Vera herself! 🙂

Vera Farmiga loves doing The Conjuring.

In fact, just the mere mention of the franchise was enough for her to proclaim just that to me.

It’s no surprise that Farmiga is so enamored with the franchise, as the first two installments have grossed a combined total of $639.9 million, which in Hollywood means that another follow-up is all but inevitable.

That’s exactly what Farmiga has been made to believe, too, because during my recent interview with the actress about her upcoming film “Boundaries” she revealed that the script for “The Conjuring 3” is currently being worked on and she is hopeful that production will begin in the very near future.

“Patrick and I certainly love working together and we love these characters that we have created. We are hoping that in the next year or two that there is number 3. I know the script has been worked on.”

She didn’t stop there, too. Because while there are “thousands and thousands of case files” from Edward and Loraine Warren’s paranormal investigations that the film could explore in the third film, Farmiga confirmed that she is currently under the impression that it has “has something to do with a werewolf.”

Vera gets interviewed by “BUILD Series”

On June 12, Vera, Lewis MacDougall, Peter Fonda and Shana Feste discussed the film, Boundaries” at the BUILD Series in New York, below is the full interview.

Video interview from SXSW about “Boundaries”

A video interview with the cast and director of Boundaries and you can view it at Cheddar’s website. We are hoping that more videos will show up!

What Is it Like to Premiere a Movie at SXSW?

Premiering a film at South by Southwest may be a huge accomplishment, but it’s just as nerve-wracking as it is exciting.

“It’s like reading your diary out loud for 1,100 people,” Shana Feste, writer and director of “Boundaries,” told Cheddar just before her movie made its debut. “So yes, I am terrified.”

Some of Feste’s anxiety might’ve been because the film, starring Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga, is based on a true story.

Boundaries” follows Farmiga’s character as she drives her estranged, pot-dealing father to her sister’s house after he was kicked out of his retirement home.

Still, Feste said she was excited to showcase her brainchild.

“I am also so proud of the work that [the cast] did,” she said. “So that’s what I’m really proud to show off.”

Video interview with Vera from SXSW Film Festival

“Boundaries” reviews by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter

Bellow you can read two reviews of Boundaries, one by Variety and one by The Hollywood Reporter. Click on “read more” to read the full reviews.

Variety Review

We’ve seen him dozens of times before, saying any damn thing that comes into his head (because living on the planet for 70 or 80 years has given him the right to do so). He’s on his own incorrigible wavelength, dropping putdowns as fresh as his body is old, spicing every cranky comment with a perfectly chosen F–bomb. But, of course, he’s also part of the family. He’s the grumpy old man, the naughty codger from hell — the hilarious over-the-hill a–hole who is always played by someone like, you know, Alan Arkin. Just about every time we see him, he’s a showbiz creation, a character baptized in shtick.

But in “Boundaries,” a touching yet wised-up father-daughter road movie that’s the best version of this sort of film you could imagine (it’s standard, but very tastefully done), Christopher Plummer plays him with a lived-in, soft-shoe command. At 88, Plummer looks about as handsome as a man his age can be, with cheekbones that take the light beautifully, his white hair swept back and set off by a beard that’s still, from certain angles, sort of sexy. He plays Jack Jaconi, the pathologically charming and selfish father of Laura (Vera Farmiga), and by the end of the opening scene, when she’s sounding off to her therapist about him, we’re certain that he must be some version of the monster she describes. Laura won’t even take his calls — that’s how much damage he’s caused.

“Boundaries” SXSW Film Festival photos

A little late, but Vera attended the Boundaries Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on March 12th in Austin, Texas. Here is some photos for you to enjoy!

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