Vera to read “Princess Bride” in Atlanta to aid Puerto Rico

If you have the chance you should most definitly go! Tickets will be available here.

Hugh Jackman, who’s been in Atlanta filming his role as former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart and presidential contender Gary Hart in “The Front Runner,” will take time out for a fundraiser benefiting hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico.

Jackman will read the role of Westley in a live performance of “The Princess Bride.” His “Front Runner” co-star Vera Farmiga reads the role of Buttercup. She plays Lee Hart in the movie.

The event will take place October 22 at the Rialto Theatre in downtown Atlanta, where “The Front Runner” has been filming.

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‘Godzilla 2’ Wraps Production, New Monsters Teased

Some more news and teaser photos from the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters, it’s still a long wait until the release. But I’m certain it will be a fun watch so we have something to look forward to in 2019!

That’s a wrap! Production on the Godzilla sequel is officially complete, as confirmed by director Mike Dougherty, who took to Twitter in order to declare the movie is one giant step closer to finally arriving in theaters. Godzilla 2 is poised to bring some of the classic Toho monsters into the fold and, in order to commemorate principal photography finishing up on the Godzilla sequel, Dougherty has teased the arrival of Mothra and King Ghidorah to Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse.

Mike Dougherty posted a couple of photos to Twitter from his last day working on Godzilla 2, which was at one point going under the title of Godzilla: King of Monsters. One of the photos showed his workspace, which had some nice little Easter eggs, such as a Monarch coffee mug. Monarch is the corporation that is tying the MonsterVerse together, having appeared in both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island. But the second photo was unquestionably the more exciting one for those looking forward to the Godzilla sequel. The photo featured some silhouettes on a wall that clearly take the shape of Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah, which are shining from several carved pumpkins.

Trailer for ‘The Commuter’ released

Trailer out for The Commuter and I’m looking forward to see a new project with Vera and it will be released on January 12, 2018! View trailer below!

Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra are at it again with The Commuter. The latest thriller from the frequent collaborators stars Neeson as an insurance salesman, Michael, who finds himself embroiled in a criminal conspiracy when his daily commute takes an unexpected turn. Propositioned by a mysterious stranger (Vera Farmiga) for a dangerously quick piece of cash and tasked with identifying a secret passenger, Michael soon ends up in over his head.

The Commuter marks the fourth collab between Neeson and Collet-Serra, who previously teamed for the action thrillers Unknown (2011), Non-Stop (2014), and Run All Night (2015), but it may be the last team up we see from them for a while. Collet-Serra, riding off the success of The Shallows, his delightful and delicious contribution to the sharksploitation genre, is moving on up the studio ladder to work on Disney’s The Jungle Cruise movie with Dwayne Johnson.

Meanwhile, Liam Neeson says he’s done with action thrillers. While at TIFF for Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House, the actor explained “The thrillers, that was all a pure accident,” said Neeson. “They’re still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff. I’m like, ‘Guy’s I’m sixty-f–king-five.’ Audiences are eventually going to go, ‘Come on.’” The actor revealed that after The Commuter hits theaters in January, he may have one more in him, but then he plans to call it quits.

So enjoy it while you can, folks! The Commuter opens January 12, 2018. Watch the first trailer below.


“In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson plays an insurance salesman, Michael, on his daily commute home, which quickly becomes anything but routine. After being contacted by a mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on his train before the last stop. As he works against the clock to solve the puzzle, he realizes a deadly plan is unfolding and is unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy. One that carries life and death stakes for himself and his fellow passengers.”

Source: The Collider (US)

Warner Bros Throws Shade On $1B ‘Conjuring’ Suit; 2018 Trial Penciled In

Been several articles posted online about a lawsuit concerning The Conjuring and here is the latest news on the matter:

UPDATED, 1:26 PM: “We’re pleased the Court significantly narrowed the case and look forward to addressing the remaining claims at summary judgment,” a WB spokesperson told Deadline today after Monday’s decision by a federal judge. Among some wins for WB, U.S. District Judge John Gibney removed Time Warner, director James Wan, screenwriters Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes, and RatPac-Dune Productions as defendants in the case, even as an April 16 trial on the remaining matter was penciled in.

The studio also kicked back hard with a corporate smile at Brittle’s attempt to grab some of the $1 billion the franchise has made since 2013’s first movie based on the tales of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s real-life supernatural investigations.

“Mr. Brittle’s claims are not only without merit, but contradict Mr. Brittle’s prior admissions in other failed lawsuits concerning The Conjuring movies,” they added with a boatload of shade.

Whether or not this makes it to a jury trial in Virginia next year, this definitely is looking like it’ll be scary for someone on the docket.

PREVIOUS, August 28 PM: Warner Bros might be very happy with the big-bucks success it has had with The Conjuring franchise, but the studio can’t be pleased that a federal judge today decided the studio will have to face trial in 2018 for copyright infringement over the films.

Vera Farmiga joins ‘The Front Runner’

New project for Vera!

The Front Runner adds Vera Farmiga and a slew of others to the cast

Hugh Jackman (Logan, Les Misérables) is set to star in the upcoming biopic The Front Runner, about former Senator Gary Hart. Today, other cast members were revealed (via EW), including Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel, Up in the Air), J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), Mamoudou Athie (The Detour), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), Kaitlyn Dever (Justified), Tommy Dewey (Justified), Molly Ephraim (Last Man Standing), Spencer Garrett (Thank You for Smoking), Ari Graynor (I’m Dying Up Here), Toby Huss (Halt and Catch Fire), Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead), Alex Karpovsky (Girls), Mark O’Brian (Halt and Catch Fire), Sara Paxton (Murder in the First), Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects) and Steve Zissis (Baghead). The Front Runner will be directed by Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air).

Farmiga will play Lee Hart, the wife of Gary Hart. Simmons will play the campaign manager for Hart in 1988. Athie will play A.J. Parker, a political reporter for The Washington Post who deals with how far into the candidate’s personal life he wants to go. Brener will play Doug Wilson, foreign policy advisor for Hart. Dever will play Andrea Hart, the daughter of Lee and Gary. Dewey will play campaign manager John Emerson. Ephrainm will play Irene Kelly, who was the scheduler for Hart. Garrett will play Bob Woodward, reporter for The Washington Post. Graynor will play Ann Devroy, White House correspondent and deputy political editor at The Washington Post. Huss will play Billy Broadhurst, Louisiana lobbyist who invited Hart to party on his yacht, the notorious “Monkey Business.” Judge will play Jim Savage, investigations editor of the Miami Herald, which first broke the story of the Hart/Rice scandal. Karpovsky will play Mike Stratton, advance man for Hart. O’Brien as Billy Shore, Hart’s body man. Paxton will play Donna Rice, the actress Hart had an affair with. Pollak will play Bob Martindale, publisher of the Miami Herald. Zissis plays Tom Fiedler, the Miami Herald reporter who followed up on the scandal.

Hart served as a U.S. Senator from Colorado from 1975 to 1987, but is most famous for his two bids for the presidency in 1984 and 1988. During the latter primary campaign, he was considered the frontrunner, far ahead of eventual candidate Mike Dukakis, but his momentum became hobbled by accusations in the media of an extramarital affair. Hart famously challenged the media to, “Follow me around. I don’t care. I’m serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’ll be very bored.” The tabloids accepted the challenge, and photographs of Hart with a woman named Donna Rice aboard a yacht brought a swift end to his candidacy.

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Godzilla Vs. Kong Timeline and Character Details Revealed

Some news and facts on the upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong:

We reported back in May that director Adam Wingard is coming aboard to direct the highly-anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong, which brings both the Godzilla and King Kong franchises together. Since we still have just under three years left until this hits theaters, no specific details have been given, but our own Julian Roman spoke with Adam Wingard while promoting the director’s new Netflix movie Death Note, arriving August 25. Wingard clarified some details about this epic showdown. For one, he confirmed that this movie is in fact a sequel to Godzilla 2, which is currently in production and set for release on March 22, 2019. And it will be the follow-up to this year’s Kong: Skull Island. Here’s what the director had to say below.

“Technically it is a sequel to Godzilla and Kong. There is Godzilla 2, which they are filming right now. We have some of the cast that is from that one. This will probably be the most direct sequel to that movie. They are stacking them up. Its very exciting. We’re still in the early phases of it.”

With Godzilla vs. Kong a direct sequel to Godzilla 2, we can expect it to take place in our current day timeline. So it won’t be a period piece like Skull Island, which means those characters aren’t probably returning. While the director wouldn’t clarify which characters from Godzilla 2 will be featured in his movie, the cast for that next sequel does include Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds, Charles Dance, Thomas Middleditch, Bradley Whitford, and, from the 2014 Godzilla movie, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and Sally Hawkins as Vivienne Graham. Still, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed any cast members for Godzilla vs. Kong yet, but Adam Wingard also added that while there are characters who will be reprising their roles in Godzilla vs. Kong, there will be plenty of new characters introduced as well.

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