So the rumour about Vera going to be on American Horror Story, seems to be false. But perhaps in the future!

Carlton Cuse might be the busiest man in TV; the former Lost boss has three shows currently under his watchful eye: Bates Motel, The Strain, and Colony.

Along with ex-Fringe writer/producer Graham Roland, Cuse is also developing a show slated for 2017 based the Jack Ryan novel series by Tom Clancy. Despite his jammed workload, Cuse dropped by EW’s Con-X to chat with EW critic Jeff Jensen about his many projects. Here’s what we learned:

Vera Farmiga hasn’t checked out of Bates Motel

Though season 4 ended with the death of matriarch Norma (Farmiga), that doesn’t mean the overbearing mom is out of Norman’s (Freddie Highmore) life: Cuse confirmed the actress is still a regular.

“There’s all these rumors she’s going to go on American Horror Story — no,” Cuse said. “She still exists in Norman’s imagination. He will become an increasingly unreliable narrator and through his point of view, we’re going to see a lot of her. She’s very much a character.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly