While screaming and shouting are common when it comes to watching horror movies, a different scenario broke out when it was reported that audience members watching “The Conjuring 2” erupted in violence.

The Conjuring 2” has now been pulled from a number of French cinemas after reports of loud yelling, hysterical laughter and violent altercations between audience members broke out.

The film, which stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as paranormal investigators focused on solving a particular case, was removed from the releasings on the same day it was released in Paris. According to reports, the reason it was pulled out was because the cinemas wanted to “ensure the safety of staff and customers”.

It was unclear how it all started but there was a massive brawl that happened at the MK2 Bastille theater after a group of audience members were annoyed by another group that was screaming at something on screen. The annoyance was described in detail because the former team screamed at the slightest movements which were not even scary. The little annoying things bothered the other group of movie-goers so much that they confronted them. But reports indicated that this was not an isolated event and there are other cinemas that also broke out in violence.

However, this was not the first time a horror film was pulled out of the theaters. The spin off from the first Conjuring movie, titled “Annabelle“, was also pulled for the same “security reasons.”

Will “The Conjuring 2” spinoff titled “The Nun” suffer the same fate? If “Annabelle” was also pulled then there is a big possibility that the Valak spinoff will also have the same effect because the movie promises to be more scarier than the current Conjuring movie. Does this mean that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga need to reel their horror career back a little so that Parisians can enjoy the movie without violence? The movie’s reps have not yet responded to the issue.

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