Some quotes from Liam when he was interviewed at the The Commuter Premiere in Dublin and he talks about working with Vera and it’s really sweet!

We had a little chat with Liam at the Irish premiere of The Commuter this evening in Dublin.

We asked Liam what is was like to work with Farmiga, who has become one of the most in-demand and finest character actresses in recent years. He told us he was in awe of his co-star. With breakout roles in The Departed and The Boy In the striped Pyjamas, she has gone on to win a host of awards.

“I’ve been in love with her since The Departed, and then I saw her in a film called Orphan – directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who directed this.”

“She’s a wonderful actress,” he said.

Having only gotten to work with Vera for a few days on set for The Commuter, Liam said: “I was a wee bit star struck, I was.”

So, pretty much how we felt talking to him so.

He also admitted to “binge watching Bates Motel” (could he get any cooler lads?) in which she plays Norma Louise Bates.

He said: “She’s fantastic in it, she’s really great and a lovely lady too.”

Liam also said:

“Vera plays a very mysterious character and she’s such a wonderful actress that you’re never quite sure if she’s all that she makes out to be. Is she a cop? Is she FBI? Is she a baddie or what? She plays it very, very close to her chest. She’s always been on my bucket list of actresses to work with.”

Vera also mentioned Liam and had only kind things to say:

“I didn’t know Liam before this film. Liam was just a myth, he was a legend! Boy, he is grace on two feet! He’s everything I anticipated – strong, steadfast, kind and open. He is so warm and he is a very curious, very tender but a big oak in stature,”Farmiga said in a statement.

“You just want to wrap your arms around him and climb him like a big tree and swing from him. He’s that guy. He’s wonderful,” she added.