The Commuter and Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra had some kind things to say about Vera:

Vera Farmiga’s Upcoming Movie, The Commuter Marks Her Second Film With Director Jaume Collet-Serra After Orphan And Her First Opposite Liam Neeson.

Vera Farmiga’s upcoming movie, ‘The Commuter‘ marks her second film with director Jaume Collet-Serra after ‘Orphan‘ and her first opposite Liam Neeson. Farmiga recalls how she was approached to board the project: “Jaume sent me an email asking ‘Do you want to spend some time on a train with Liam Neeson?’ and I replied ‘I thought you’d never ask…but do I have to pay for the ticket?!'” she explains.

When asked about the director, she was all praise and couldn’t hope for a better experience. “We picked up where we left off,” she says. “I have a really affectionate working relationship with him. What makes him so unique as a director is that gets behind the camera and he’s visible all the time, he’s right there with you. So even if the film is huge with a huge production that comes with that, it feels as though we’re making a home movie with a camcorder. It makes the filmmaking such an intimate process.”

For his part, Collet-Serra knew that she would make an excellent match for Liam Neeson. “I love Vera,” he says. “We had an amazing experience on Orphan, and I’ve wanted to work with her ever since. And I wanted to work with Vera and Liam together so when this character came up she was my only call. I literally begged her to do it and she graciously accepted and did a wonderful job obviously. Seeing her and Liam together is the most fun that I’ve had in a long time.”