Vera comes back as Norma Bates in  Bates Motel

It’s been a while since “Bates Motel” season 4 ended with its emotionally charged finale, so fans are already thrilled to know how the story will pick up after the events that transpired in the last episode.

In the season 4 finale, Norma Bates got killed off and Dylan went to Seattle with Emma. Now that Norma is already dead, fans of Vera Farmiga are worried that she may no longer appear in the final season. However, the producers of “Bates Motel” reported otherwise.

Vera Farmiga is reprising her role in the series, albeit only as a disembodied being in Norman’s imagination.

In a statement, “Bates Motel” showrunner Kerry Ehrin revealed that Norma Bates will play a big part in season 5, and Sheriff Alex Romero will continue to stand by his statement that it was Norman Bates who actually killed his mother in his unsuccessful murder-suicide plan.

Ehrin also revealed that despite her death in the previous season, Norma will still and always be part of “Bates Motel” because the heart and soul of the series is Norman’s obsessive love for her. He said that without Norma, the series will not have any story to tell.

“Vera will always be the center of the show in any incarnation because the obsession with her has always driven the show,” he said.

Producers of the series also revealed that “Bates Motel” season 5 will somewhat deviate from “Psycho,” the film by Alfred Hitchcock that inspired the production of the series.

The final season is expected to premiere sometime in March of 2017.

Source: Breathe Cast