Vera Farmiga says women have to fight for opportunities in Hollywood.

The ‘Conjuring 2‘ actress acknowledges that sexism in Hollywood is still rampant but insists that many women are working to change this and cites her own turn as a director for ‘Higher Ground‘ as an example.

She said: “You have to fight for that opportunity, you’re not given it. And that’s where we’re becoming ballsier.

“You create your opportunities – ‘Higher Ground‘ was an example of that. It is happening more, yes – in all aspects of production. Pay cheques as well. We’re only just learning how to operate, really. And to seize the day.”

While ‘Higher Ground‘ was critically successful, it did not do well commercially and Vera is still puzzled by this.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I don’t know exactly how it missed the zeitgeist. It should have gone across denominations, across faiths.

“But it’s very tricky to market that, because people have very extreme ideas about faith. You have to market it either way, you know.”

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old actress previously admitted it has been a while since she’s “had to audition for anything”.

She shared: “That was a time in my career when my resumé was more … minimal. It’s been a while since I’ve had to audition for anything. I always felt I wasn’t necessarily at my best at a casting director’s office, anyway.

“Also I have a particular face, depending on how you light it, and what angle you approach it from. I always wanted to take control myself.”

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (AU)