Vera Farmiga and her husband Renn Hawkey have a two-year-old son, Fynn Hawkey, and a year old daughter, Gytta Lubov Hawkey.

Renn Hawkey (Husband)

Renn Macdonnel Hawkey, born on March 29, 1974 in New York, was the synthesizer player for the synth-pop band Deadsy. Known by the stage name Dr. Nner, he was the third member to join after frontman Elijah Blue Allman sent him a Juno-106 synth and a demo tape made by Allman and drummer Alec Puro. About joining Deadsy, Hawkey said, “I never planned on it until Elijah sent me a Juno-106 in 1996 and asked me to join a band with two songs.”

Renn and Vera met in 2005. ìI met Renn five years ago,î Vera gushes, ìand I wanted to have a baby with him from the moment I laid eyes on him!î The couple were together four years prior to their decision to marry in September 2008. “We have enormous families, so it was all very Deer Hunter,” Vera says of the wedding, “but without the Russian roulette. There was folk dancing, singing, all this ritual ó but what I had not thought of was the fact that I was five months pregnant. We had chosen this flamboyant, decadent tango as our first dance and then when it came time, we literally couldnít get close enough!”

On September 11, 2008, Renn left Deadsy in order to concentrate on carpentry and family life. “It was too rough-and-tumble a lifestyle,” he said. Renn helped Vera to produce her directorial debut, Higher Ground, and they have plans of another film project in the future. “He and I work really well together. I will be directing the film that he wrote next. Itís another chance to be together, weíre good collaborators, and weíre best friends. I love spending time with him and seeing him at work. He has an extraordinary sense of humor and weíre good together.”

Renn and Vera’s primary home is a farm in Ulster County, New York where they raise goats. They also spend time in Los Angeles, California.

“I have the best husband a wife could possibly have. Heís the best father my children could have. Heís able to focus on his writing and producing. We just take the kids with us and we ship them back and forth but we are there as a family,” says Vera of her husband.


Son: Fynn Hawkey
Birthdate: January 15, 2009

Daughter: Gytta Lubov Hawkey
Birthdate: November 4, 2010

Family Facts

– Vera was five months pregnant with Gytta when she completed filming on Higher Ground (2011)
– Vera found out that she was pregnant with Gytta when she got to Los Angeles for the Oscars
– Gytta was born in New York City
– Lubov is a Russian name meaning “love”